In life, you will be facing many difficulties but when you face each defeat you need to remember one thing that you should never let yourself be defeated. You need to put in a lot of effort, and work hard to achieve your dreams. Even there is a proverb saying that “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine”.

Life will be full of problems, and it won’t be easy, but all the problems and difficulties faced in life are temporary. If you feel low in life then here is a story that will make you feel motivated.

About Brian Ka:

Have you ever heard about Brian Ka, if you know about him then here is the story of him which you don’t know? We all know Brian Ka as a famous musician, and also we know that he is the owner of In Vein, Fifth Degree, Plussizeforless and In Vein Records. But we all don’t know how he struggled in his life, and also how he faced the difficulties in life.


Early Life:

In his early years, Brian Ka spent his childhood days like the other kids, but later he wanted to help his parents so he joined their business. He worked for his family business for over 10 years by putting in a lot of effort sacrificing everything. Even he never asked for any money from his parents, as he worked for free. His life was normal there, but after 12 years his parents started to insult him and didn’t let him handle the business.

One fine day, Brian’s parents got greedy and kicked him out. The business was entirely built by Brian, but his parents let his girlfriend in and allowed her girlfriend and another person similar to Brian’s age to run the business. He didn’t expect this from his parents, and also he was left in the street with no money and house. He didn’t have anything, but the one thing which he had is determination and the desire to achieve success in life.

This is where Brian Ka first started his business


After this incident, Brian Ka tried to start a new life; he tried to build his business from the beginning and started his life from scratch. He didn’t have more money to afford a home, so he searched for a room at a low rent. Finally, he found a neighborhood apartment that was 100 years old but the rent was low so he moved there. He planned to start the business but he didn’t have enough money. Now it’s time to save money so that he can start a business, finally, he got a job in Uber. While working in Uber, he used to do 3000 Uber trips so that he can survive and also will get money to start his business.

Music Life:

When Brian was very young, he had an attraction towards music so he showed more interest to learn the music. He started to learn the piano and at an early age, he surprised everyone by playing the piano. This has paved the way to his long journey of music life. Even when he was working in his parent’s company, he used to learn music. He never stopped putting efforts to learn music; this shows his love and dedication towards the music.

During his teenage period, he joined the jazz band and started playing the baritone saxophone. Once he had gained knowledge in music, he started participating in shows or musical competitions.

Brian graduated from UC Davis in California, and after graduation, he started his career as DJ. He joined Renovatio Promotions in San Francisco, where he was performing weekly sets at Bellagio, and then later he joined Folsom 1015. He wanted to join the Underworld productions so he moved to Southern California in 2006, where he was performing the weekly sets at V20 long beach. This was the place that ignited his career, and also this was the same place where he has gained a name in the industry.

The reach was not easier, as he faced a lot of failure and insult in each step of his life, but he never stopped trying. This sincerity towards his profession has led to the invitation for his debut in L.A. at Hollywood Ivar. He used all his skills and musical style which he has developed thus far, and the learning helped him further in his career.

Reaching the Hollywood:

Then he started building on his resume performing at an impressive array of events and venues, that includes L.A., and even hotspots like Avalon, Day-After Club in Hollywood, Level 3 Hollywood, Rage West Hollywood, Busbyis East, and Karnak. Also, he has become the owner of In Vein, Fifth Degree, and Plussizeforless.

Plussizeforless is a store where you can get all trendy clothes especially for the plus-size women, and you will get clothing at all price levels. Brian Ka started this company to reach the global market in plus size fashion.

In the Fifth Degree, you will find all the information to live a healthy life. The main goal is to promote a healthy, long, and happy life through yoga exercises.

In Vein, last standing American Vintage Cowgirl clothing and the designs are inspired from the street tattoos. The designers working here will follow a perfect formula to get stylish and tattoo-inspired clothing. You will get all kinds of casual clothes for women, and the price will be affordable. The clothes designed here will come with colorful creatures, wacky text, and an array of strategically placed stones.

His life has changed so much, he started his life as a young boy in Korea, but now he has reached his dreams. The only thing that took him so far is that his passion for fashion and music, and his interest in developing knowledge in how to serve customers better by creating value. He has now over 13 years of experience in the industry, and now his global empire has paved the way to enter into a even brighter and successful future ahead.

In, any situation, if you feel that your life is not blessed in any way, then think Brian Ka you will find your own motivation.

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